Friday, September 29, 2006

The shame of Mark Foley

Rep. Mark Foley resigns after sending provocative e-mails to a male page. The whole thing is sick. There was no way we would have allowed him to continue.

Good riddance.

What is it with seduction and power? Does it create stupidity?

Update: I just remembered something. I was a page in the Mississippi State legislature when I was 16. There were wildly inappropriate comments to me as I recall. A young legislator (I can't remember his age, but in his 20's) not only asked me out, but followed me home one day and drove by my house several times until my father put a stop to it. At the time I was too young to realize how really wrong many of the comments were. (not as sexual as they probably are today, but more the leering type comments like "you should wear shorter dresses with those legs" type of thing.

I hadn't thought of that for years. I guess some things never change.