Thursday, September 28, 2006


More "put up or shut up" from House Republicans.

God it is so funny watching them make Pelosi and her team look like ninnies on defense.

Retorted Pelosi: "I think the speaker is a desperate man for him to say that. Would you think that anyone in our country wants to coddle terrorists?"

heh heh heh

UPDATE: Senate passes bill which permits the creation of military tribunals to prosecute terror suspects. There is little doubt the House will follow suit tomorrow. And the icing on the cake, Senate rejects stupid amendment from Specter which would have allowed terror suspects to file petitions for habeus corpus in court.

Bush seems to be implementing his agenda quite successfully. Several Democrats broke ranks on the tribunal bill.

I can't wait to hear more hyperventilating from the left about "fear". Apparently some Democrats in Congress think the voters are serious about this terrorism thingy.

UPDATE 2: 12 Democratic Senators voted yes on tribunals. Including Joe.