Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cat Stevens Criticizes the Pope


Now comes the once pop music star Cat Stevens AKA Yusuf Islam to criticize the Pope. Will the hypocrisy NEVER end?

Khaleej Times

LONDON, England - Yusuf Islam, the British singer known as Cat Stevens before his conversion to Islam, on Sunday added to the criticism of Pope Benedict XVI’s recent remarks about the religion.

Islam, known for his 1970s hits including “Father And Son” and ”Wild World”, said that the pope quoting from a medieval text, which attacks some of the Prophet Mohammed’s teachings as “evil and inhuman” showed the pontiff was not infallible.

Apparently, Cat was raised Catholic and converted to islam in 1977 following a near-death experience.

Toronto Daily
Raised Catholic and prominent convert to Islam, Cat Stevens, who now uses the name Yusuf Islam, said in an interview with BBC that the pope's words proved he was not "infallible."

"At one point, I used to believe that the pope was infallible," Islam said.

Cat Stevens, whose real name is Steven Demetre Georgiou, sold over 60 million albums, mostly in the 1970s. His most notable songs include "Morning Has Broken", "Peace Train", and "Moonshadow".

I had a crush on Cat Stevens when I was a kid. I was one of the 60 million that bought his albums. That irritates me now.

I'm thinking WHERE Cat, WHERE was your outrage when muslims cut off the heads of American Soldier's in Iraq?? Where was your outrage when muslims fire bombed churches because they didn't like what the Pope said? Where was your outrage when they slit Theo Van Gough's throat because they didn't like a movie he made?? Where was your outrage when they shot a nun in the back because they didn't like what the Pope said. Where was your outrage when YOUR chosen religion of peace beheads, hangs, buries alive anyone who does not behave in the manner they deem worthy?

Does any of that bother you? All you seem to be able to say is that you shouldn't be judged by how another muslim behaves. I have yet to hear you speak diapproval about girls being murdered for their families 'honor' after being raped. I have yet to hear you speak against the destructive riots or the bombings muslims have perpetrated in your own country.

Shut up CAT STEVENS. You got rich in the 1970s singing songs. That does not make you an expert on world events or religion. You have nothing worth while to offer.

Cat Stevens then and now.
Cat Stevens ThenCat Stevens Now
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