Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fahrenheit 9/11 giving propaganda tools to the terrorists? Who woulda thought?

From Michelle via ABC News: (emphasis mine)

"The Code of Silence" was posted on the Internet by the Rashedeen Army, thought to be a relatively small Sunni group which has produced videos in the past of attacks it claims to have carried out.

At almost an hour in length, it is the longest and most professionally made of recent postings by mainly Sunni militant and insurgent groups fighting the U.S.-backed government.

The U.S. military said earlier this week that recent intelligence indicated al Qaeda in Iraq was refining its strategy by producing propaganda and adding a political base to its violent campaign of suicide bombings.

Lifting scenes from Michael Moore's anti-war film "Fahrenheit 9/11," Rashedeen's narrator taunts President Bush in softly spoken English over graphic images of Humvees being blown up by roadside bombs, and purportedly dead U.S. troops."

Oh ...the grief the left gave us for saying that Michael Moore's film only helped and encouraged the terrorists. It was A TERRIBLE thing to imply. Well, well, look at what has come home to roost. Terrorists using Moore's film to taunt the President of the United States.

I hope Michael is proud. If he had any conscience at all he would be ashamed, but I'm sure he is too busy spending all the money he made off his distortions.