Friday, September 08, 2006

Come to an "Ethnic Rally!" MONKEY FEST!!

Remember the hullabaloo over George Allen calling his opponent James Webb's campaign worker a "macaca?" meaning monkey in French? Well the Webb campaign decided to have fun with it and do a "Monkey Fest!!"in Alexandria Virginia on Saturday. As the invitation says:

"We will have 9 monkey face masks to share -first come, first serve and plenty of our favorite yellow snacks, balloons, and stickers. We encourage you to bring your own monkey outfits, masks, and signs."

Say What??

How comfortable do you think people...might feel there?

As the Captain points out:

"So the Webb staffers have decided to set up a counter-event to a Republican ethnic rally, after accusing them of racism .... and the geniuses involved decide to dress up like monkeys in protest? At an event that will draw people celebrating varying ethnic backgrounds, including people of color?"

The Captain suggests:

"Perhaps to underscore their point, they'll start handing out copies of Uncle Tom's Cabin and have Jane Hamsher come out and do minstrel-show caricatures for the people who attend Allen's event. That should reinforce their arguments about Allen's latent racism, right?"

Good grief, have all the Dems gone mad?