Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And we thought our politicans were weird....!!

Labour MP Chris Bryant has apologised for e-mailing a picture of himself in his underpants via a gay website.

via The Daily Pundit

TOO FUNNY!!!! The stupidity of this (nevermind the morality of it) boggles the mind. Imagine someone like Joe Biden or Dick Durbin doing this for a date. Oh geeze, I am so sorry for putting that image in your head.

Mr. Bryant had this to say:

Mr Bryant, he added, had never made a secret of being gay, and that it was a private matter for him and his constituency Labour party.

He added that it was "one of those stories that gay people have to put up with from time to time".

That gay people have to put up with?? Forget about the gay part, how about the idea of a grown man taking a picture of himself in his underwear in the mirror like some horny 17 yr old on MySpace as being a bit...immature, silly, and unprofessional. Good grief man, don't blame it on your gayness.