Thursday, September 07, 2006

Democrats seek censorship

Wow, they are bringing out the big guns on this one.

The Democratic leadership wants the ABC mini-series "The path to 9-11" pulled.

Gee, We will have to remember this for the future. No dramatic license on recent history.

From what I have read the mini-series compiled a host of things that happened into one or two scenes. That is done all the time on TV. I'd have to see it to see how inaccurate it is and from what I have read there are inaccuracies, but ABC agreed to fix that part. I guess that isn't enough for the Democrats. I find this all rather bizarre after Fahrenheit 9-11. It has to be more than just one scene regarding Bill Clinton letting Osama slip through his hands.

You know, I read that Bush and especially Condi are not painted in a very good or fair light either. I wonder why they aren't howling for it not to be shown. No. Something else is going on here. Maybe just a bit too much information for the public in a way they can really understand it?

h/t Raven

Tucker Carlson takes on Media Matters David Brock about this and explains it all very well. Video here. Take a look. Tucker does a great job. Brock spells out the leftwing talking points and Tucker shoots down every single one.

via NRO