Sunday, July 09, 2006

Random Sunday Thoughts....

I don't blog much on popular culture mainly because it makes me ill, but I did see "The Devil Wears Prada" yesterday. The book was really good, the movie.....not so much. I get the feeling none of you were going to see it anyway. Meryl Streep was excellent, as always. She is one of the few truly talented actresses in Hollywood.

I watched the end of "SuperGroup" last night (probably a rerun because I am always behind on these things) The only artist in the mega rock group I knew was Ted Nugent, who is not only talented beyond anything I ever seen on the guitar, but he is just such a character. I just love him. I have never seen anyone so passionate about guns and hunting. My favorite line of his is "He needs to be introduced to the crowbar of logic."

The lead singer was a guy named Sebastian Bach from a band I never heard of called "Skid Row." His whole personality just made me want to puke. Thank God he listened to Ted and stopped drinking like a maniac before their big Las Vegas Show. I'm sure all you music fans are going to let me know how little I know about these music stars.

Have you guys seen any of the MTV's shows "My Sweet Sixteen?" It's about rich spoiled girls (and some guys) who have these lavish fabulous (if I may use JD's word..;-) parties for their 16th birthdays. Watching it will make you imagine that there is no hope the next generation who seems to be obessed with all things celebrity and the intense belief that money can make you happy. Money can make life easier, no doubt, but it cannot make you happy. This is clear from the many rich celebrities and althetes who have everything, but still get lost in drugs or drinking or cheating.

But, back to the real word, where real men are fighting a necessary war on terror with guts and sacrifice. The people mentioned above have the freedom to be as shallow as they wish because of men like this. (read the story...AWESOME)