Friday, July 14, 2006

The Wacky World of Democrats.

Many mainstream Democrats get irritated at us when we point to examples of disturbing behavior such as Dr. Frisch, arguing that she doesn't represent them. I hope not and I believe you, but the following guys? They DO represent you.

Iowa Voice points out this interesting and disturbing tidbit from Human Events:

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has stooped to a new low.

The group is using flag-covered coffins of dead soldiers and other images as distasteful propaganda in a new fundraising campaign ad that can be viewed here. (Big hat tip to Erick at RedState.)

Ironically, the title of the video is "America Needs a New Direction" but it ends with Bill Clinton waiving his hands in the air. Wouldn't that be a U-turn in the wrong direction? Is that the best the Dems have to offer -- recycled material? Is there not one Democratic "leader" in the party today that they can agree is worth promotion?

Also, Erick points out something even more disturbing:

Likewise, the DCCC shows a doctored image of Tom DeLay's mug shot from Texas (and, frankly, it's not really even Tom DeLay, just an actor pretending to be him). The image now has a number at the bottom: 091108GOP. Is September 11, 2008, to be the day the GOP gets wiped out by Democrats? Of all the random sequences of numbers to use, are we really suppose to believe that 091108 is not suppose to have any connection to September 11th and the deaths of so many Americans -- especially after starting the video with the images of dead American soldiers?"

Whatttt????? What IS the deal with 9-11-08? What does that mean??

Then Lori Bryd at points out an interesting campaign strategy of the Democrats:

"As part of the Democratic Reunion campaign, resources have been made available to assist those canvassing their neighborhoods on behalf of the Democratic Party. A canvassing tip sheet at the website instructs volunteers to discuss the issues important to their neighbors and then lists things to look for in order to get an idea of what those issues are.

Bumper stickers or window decals: What issues are brought up? Do they indicate issue preferences? Do they indicate particular values?

Religious items: Do they have any religious items in view? What can you tell by the nature of their religious display?”

The tip sheet continues, “Take a quick look around. What do you see and what might it tell you about the person whose home you are visiting? What might each of the cues listed below tell you about the voters who live there?” Cues then listed include “religious symbols,” “U.S. flag,” “well tended flower garden” and “expensive car.”

Sooo..., you see a statue of Mary in a garden you know to stay away from the abortion issue. If you see a "I support the troops" bumper sticker, stay away from the Iraq war and focus on funding perhaps? If you see an expensive car you might want to talk about tax cuts (which would never happen under Democratic leadership, but whatever) In other words, work around their religion and moral values, because we all know how easily they can be manipulated, right?

As Byrd points out, something else might work better for the Democrats. Try this tip:

"After reading the canvassing tips, Pat Hynes, author of In Defense Of The Religious Right, said:

"It is a testament as to how remarkably out of touch the Democrats are that they need to count the number of Jesus fish on the bumpers of cars to measure the values of their communities. Instead of spying on their neighbors to build their political databases, Democrats would be wise to darken the doorways of a church now and again and absorb some of the traditional moral values that play an increasing role in public life."