Friday, February 24, 2006

Brokeback humor, fun or insulting?

Update: I wasn't even looking for brokeback stuff and stumbled on this one. It's everywhere!

There are different views. Just a few online funnies are Brokeback to the Future and Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback and Brokeback Trek and Topgun: Brokeback Squadron.

I guess this would be the right time to show you
Lego's Brokeback version. By the way, I got that link at Pink is the New Blog, a website run by a gay man.


UPDATE 2: Good grief. It's IS everywhere. Brokeback Quailhunt.

Warning! I have not looked at the videos linked here. I got them from NRO, so I cannot tell you if you will need an eyeball scrub or not after viewing. So be careful out there!