Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Bombing of the Holy Shia Shrine in Iraq.

As usual, Iraqi The Model gives us the most detailed report about what is really going on. Two things struck me because I hadn't heard them on MSM. One is that leaders in Iraq quickly and loudly requested that no one take any action against any Sunni sites, asking for self control and no violence. This is significant in a part of the world where retaliation is a given. I think it shows our influence, which is a good thing.

Iraqi The Model thinks that outside forces were responsible for the bombing "because this particular shrine had been in Sunni territory for a thousand years and the residents of Samarra had always benefited from the movement of religious tourism and pilgrimage."

Also I thought that The President Talabani promising to make rebuilding the shrine his personal responsibility and to donate the required money from his own is also impressive.

It's difficult to find any positive in this bombing, but there are my two small silver linings.