Monday, January 02, 2006

What divides Us.

In a previous thread there is discussion between my Democrat commenters about the nasty division there is in politics. I never read Atrios, but I hear about him quite a bit. Maybe one of the reasons there is an ugly divide is because of statements of his like this:

2005 was the year that the president of the United States declared proudly that he had broken the law repeatedly and with full intention, that he had the power to do so whenever he wanted to, and that he would continue to do so whenever he
determined it to be desirable. This declaration was met with basic approval from much of the beltway chattering classes, prominent libertarian bloggers, and just about every small government conservative.

That's right. You mean you missed Bush press conference where he said, "I proudly broke the law and I can do it whenever I want to?" Well, that's because it never happened of course. In fact no reasonable news story is saying anything close to what Atrios is implying. In fact, because there is even a question of the legality of it, many of those in Congress, Republican and Democrat are saying we should have hearings into it to make sure of the law.

The administration has cited as legal justification for the program Article II of the Constitution and a post-9/11 law that authorized the president to use force against al Qaeda. That doesn't sound like Bush declaring he had broken the law. It sounds like Bush defending himself saying that he had in fact not broken any law.

Now you might ask what difference does it make if a leftwing blog makes some ridiculous claim about the President of the United States?

It makes a difference when that blog gets 2 million hits a day. That's right. 2 million. Liberals come to Atrios everyday to see what he has to say.

This kind of over the top rhetoric is what divides us so badly. This is what causes so much hate.
Now, are there rightwing blogs that have similar over the top statements? Yes. But I can't think of one influential rightwing blogger that has that kind of traffic and respect that has ever said anything close this kind of harmful lying rhetoric. If you know of one let me know.