Monday, January 02, 2006

The Big Tent.

I usually pay little attention to Andrew Sullivan. But when I saw this excerpt over at NRO, I had to look.

"The GOP is now a fundamentalist, Christian, Southern party first - and
tries to cobble some more slices of the pie onto that base."

Has this guy even looked at the Red/Bue state map of the last Presidential election? It is always silly when people try to stereotype each party. If there is one thing the blogosphere has convinced me of is that libertarians make up a large portion of our party. The 3 bloggers I link the most are most decidely not "fundamentalist Christian or Southern." (Ace, PW, Beautiful Atrocities) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I realize we need them to win and they need us. We differ on many social issues, but then, they don't agree with the Democrats on those issues either. But we do agree on enough to stay together under this big tent.

Sullivan and many others only want to pretend the G.O.P is like this because it makes them feel better about their own prejudices. When they portray Republicans as big bad fundies pointing judgemental fingers at them, it makes them feel better about hating Republicans.

Gay or Straight, black or white, Jew or Christian, libertarian or conservative. We are all Republican and proud.

Andrew Sullivan has never made much sense, and he makes even less with that false statement about the G.O.P.