Friday, January 06, 2006

Please check out my blog on Sunday!!

I'll be leaving tomorrow for Philly to live blog for "Justice Sunday III." Which seems to be getting some attention. This will be a pro- Alito rally leading up to the hearings next week. From what I have read these "Justice Sunday" rallies have been about threats to religious rights posed by the federal judiciary. I'll start blogging in the afternoon, but the event begins at 7pm e.s.t. It will be carried on hundreds of radio and Christian TV stations, and via live webcast on the "Justice Sunday" website.

I have to agree that there is this notion out there that just because one is religious means he or she should have no say in the judicial process. Some even believing one should have no say in the political process either. But people of faith, all faiths, have as much of right to an opinion and to fight for those beliefs as anyone else. It's called freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion.

When a society or government seeks to oppress views that are held by a great many people you can expect something like "Justice Sunday" to occur. It isn't, as many liberals would have you believe, about "imposing their values" on others. It is about expressing those values and fighting for change. (Just as so many groups have throughout the history of our country) Especially since so many moral issues have become political, such as partial-birth abortion, abortion without parental consent, and assisted suicide. Does anyone honestly think that people of faith have no right to speak out on these issues or support those in positions of power who agree??

Act Up and Planned Parenthood are planning protests at "Justice Sunday" and I think they have every right to do so. Peaceful protest and debate is what makes our country great. I'm going to try to speak with some of them.

In fact the forces against Alito are putting up quite a fight themselves. At the federal building in Center City, a coalition of opponents, including Julian Bond of the NAACP, presented representatives of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R., Pa.) with anti-Alito petitions. The usual suspects are spending vast amounts of money on defeating Alito. These are the AFL-CIO, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Alliance for Justice, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and People For The American Way .

Click on any of those links and Alito is front and center, with many running commercials you can click on there at the site.

The bottom line is that these organization have every right to fight Alito's nomination, but the Family Research Council and any other right of center organization has just as much of a right to fight for it.

Something many seem to not be understanding.