Monday, March 07, 2005

US draws jeers for abortion comments at UN
05 Mar 2005 01:27:00 GMTSource: ReutersBy Deborah Zabarenko

Here are some interesting excerpts:

"...the United States joined in approving the declaration that reaffirmed a 150-page platform agreed 10 years ago at a landmark U.N. women's conference in Beijing."

"U.S. delegate Ellen Sauerbrey drew boos from the audience, which included some of the 6,000 activists who came from around the world, when she commented on Washington's interpretation of the document."

"The loudest catcalls, unusual at the world body, came when she articulated U.S. policy on AIDS prevention for adolescents: "We emphasize the value of the ABC -- abstinence, be faithful, and correct and consistent condom use where appropriate -- approach in comprehensive strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and the promotion of abstinence as the healthiest and most responsible choice for adolescents."

Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with what she is saying??? Basically saying not being promiscious, being faithful to your spouse or partner, and even "consistent condom use" is NOT enough for these people? I cannot think of another way we can slow down or stop this plague of AIDS. How can this be jeered??? And keep in mind she was referring to adolescents! Not even to those "I want to do any perverted thing I damn well want to" people. Can we not even suggest to our adolescents that this is the proper way to go? This isn't even the so called hard line of "wait until you're married or don't use artificial contraception Catholic" view.

What do these people want??? The UN is just lost. Lost.