Monday, March 07, 2005

Pro-life goes mainstream.

"We know the Roe effect has arrived now that Mad magazine has recognized it. The humor mag's March issue has a comic strip (not available online; on page 24 of the magazine) that depicts a mother and daughter having the following dialogue (emphasis omitted):

Daughter: I'm going to a pro-choice rally.

Mother: Really? You know, when I found out I was pregnant with you I actually considered having an abortion.

Daughter: WHAT?

Mother: But I couldn't find a doctor, because back then abortion was outlawed.

Daughter: Why are you telling me this now?

Mother: Because if abortion was legal then, you wouldn't be around to go to the pro-choice rally today!"

via Opinion

Mad Magazine????????

The Journal goes on to say this:

"There's another reason beside the Roe effect to think abortion politics may gradually move in a more pro-life direction: Call it the ultrasound effect. Last night National Geographic Channel featured a documentary called "In the Womb" on the latest prenatal technology:

The new generation of three- and four-dimensional ultrasound imagery provides striking views of fetuses inside the womb. . . . "It's almost a new science, in a way. It's taught us so much about how the fetus develops at an early stage," said Professor Stuart Campbell of the Create Health Clinic in London. . . . Four-dimensional imagery shows objects in 3-D moving in something close to real time. . . .

"We see the earliest movements at 8 weeks," [Stuart] Campbell said. "By 12 weeks or so they are seen yawning and performing individual finger movements that are often more complex than you'll see in a newborn," he said. "It may be due to the effects of gravity after birth."

The images reveal facial expressions, like smiling, at 20 weeks. Beyond 24 weeks fetuses may suck their thumbs, stick their tongues out (perhaps using newly developed taste buds to sample amniotic fluid imbued with the flavors of the mother's food), and make apparently emotional faces.
Many of the reflexes seem designed to help the fetus with tasks it will need after birth, such as opening its eyes and sucking.

Campbell says the real-time images are far more vivid than old-fashioned flat ultrasounds. When parents see the images, he says, "you just see the whoops of joy when the fetus does something like blink."

Notice this is the Geographic Channel, not some religious right film. So the left can't say it is just propaganda.

This is life folks. This is a child.