Monday, March 07, 2005

Money to save a few, actually kills many.

Getting beyond the Italian journalist Guiliana Sgrena story of being shot upon at a checkpoint, we are missing the big picture of Italy's habit of paying ransom for their hostages to Islamofacists which in turn funds terrorism and sends the message that if terrorists wish to make a quick million they just need to grab someone from Italy.

Captains Quarters posted on this back in September.

"They are animals, and the only way to save lives in the long run is to quit treating them like legitimate negotiating partners. Giving them millions of dollars only encourages more lunatics to take up kidnapping and beheading as a get-rich-quick scheme."

Outside The Beltway also had this in October.

"It's really a no-brainer that giving in to kidnappers' demands is only going to encourage more kidnappings. It's Economics 101."

The Italians have denied paying ransom, but the general belief is that they have and did this time as well. It is disturbing to me that money is being blackmailed into buying car bombs and the like that kills more people and leaves more blood than any one hostage. This is just wrong and exactly why we CANNOT pay ransom.

Italy may feel like they have saved a few of their citizens but how many more people died because of the money they paid?

Something to think about. Do you pay to save the few people you know so that hundreds more die that you don't know?