Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Smears From The Left

I always have to laugh when people say that Glenn Beck, Rush, or Sean Hannity "spew vile." They can never give me any actual examples. Yet MSNBC's Keith Olbermann literally spews vile almost nightly. That never seems to bother the left that much.

His latest is calling Michelle Malkin a "big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick." Wow. That's the prettiest bag of meat I've ever seen.

I don't suppose it ever occurs to Olbermann that insulting a beautiful woman about her looks only makes him look ridiculous?

Beck may cry, Rush may joke, and Sean may annoy, but Olbermann has the spewing hate thing down to a science.

Speaking of Rush, I see that the left or the media can't find those racist quotes that Rush supposedly said. But the truth matters little to the left. Just as long as they get the narrative out there. Repeat a lie and all that. It's how they roll.

Someone recently showed me a page of "quotes" that Rush said that proved he was racist/sexist/a hater ect. The only problem is that if you listen to Rush you know where those quotes came from and what context. You know when it was a part of satire and part of another joke. This is how they do it. They take things out of context. It's absurd.

In all the years I have listened to Rush, if he had ever said anything that even hinted at him being racist in the least, I would have turned him off and written about it. But he never has.

I'm not up on the NFL controversy (except for the lies about his "racist" quotes"), but if Rush was dropped from consideration of part owning a team just because of his political beliefs, then what has infected America and it's freedoms is worse than I thought.