Monday, October 12, 2009

How Pres. Obama should accept the Nobel Peace Prize

Peggy Noonan has an excellent article in the WSJ about the absurdity of Pres. Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and how it used to mean something to win it, even if it is only liberals giving liberals prizes.

But she makes a good point. It isn't Obama's fault that he won this. It was the Nobel Committee's embarrassment. But what could Obama do now? She has a perfect suggestion. When Obama accepts the prize, give a speech on behalf of America. Give a speech touting what America has done to make this world great:

"..but America has gone to Europe twice in the past century to fight for peace. This is an old concept, and has to do with killing killers so they can't kill anymore. It cost America a lot to do this, and we kept no territory, as they say, beyond the graves where our soldiers lie. America then taxed itself and gave its wealth not only to its allies but to its former adversaries, to help them rebuild. We didn't actually have to do this. We did it to make the world better. We did it to foster peace. (They should give us a prize.)

America hasn't just helped the world, it literally lit the world with its inventions, which are the product of its freedoms. The lights under which the Peace Prize judges read, and rejected, the worthy nominations? Why, those lights were invented by an American. The emails the committee members sent to each other, sharing their banal insights on leadership? They came through the Internet. Who invented the Internet? It was a Norwegian bureaucrat with a long face and hair on his nose and little plastic geometric eyeglasses? Oh wait, it was Americans. The members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee are healthy because they have been inoculated against diseases such as polio. Who invented the polio vaccine, an enfeebled old leftist academic in Oslo? Nah, it was a man named Jonas Salk. He was an American."

Not long ago Obama praised what the Muslims have given the world. Isn't it about time he reminded the world what Americans have given to it?

This would be the most outstanding thing for Obama to do.

I won't hold my breath.