Thursday, October 15, 2009

Liberals Miss Hillary

And who could blame them?

Hillary is as much of a liberal as Obama, but at least we all can agree that Hillary would know what she was doing.

Clinton spent a lifetime studying the levers of power and 16 years getting ready for the top job. In fact, she was so busy preparing to be president that she let Paul Begala and the other faded glories from her husband’s political shop handle the whole getting-elected part.


But had she won, there’s no doubt that she would have ground up the bones of her enemies and baked chocolate chip cookies with them. Obama, though, has proven to be the only person who could make the GOP look reasonable again after the misadventures of the Bush years.

Naturally, I disagree with that last part, but the guy has some good points. We on the right knew that Obama would be a disaster. We knew he was not ready for this job, but we never dreamed that he would prove that to the left as well in such a short time.

I find this tidbit on Hillary's view of healthcare coverage interesting:

The weight of her mandate would have crushed businesses and young workers with a vengeance, but it would have been real, honest socialism. And everyone would have been covered.

I notice that liberals are beginning to be more honest with their love of socialism. I remember when the right was excoriated for referring to Obama's policies as socialism. But the left now sees no problem in admitting that that is their vision. I like the honesty of it. At least the American people know exactly the choice they have between the parties now.

But back to Hillary. According to a new poll she is more popular than Obama for the first time ever.

I do believe that if Hillary had won the nomination, she would have won the Presidency. To me, as a conservative, Hillary is scarier because she knew how to hide her liberalism under the mask of a moderate. Obama has not honed that skill. He tries, and the media certaintly helped him do that during the campaign, but as President he just hasn't got that down. The media doesn't seem to helping him as much as they once did either.

Hillary says she will not run for President again. Back when Oprah came out for Obama, she said he was meant for a higher purpose. I wrote at the time that Obama may be the one to stop the Clintons, and that may be the higher purpose he was born for.

And for that, I will always be grateful.