Tuesday, September 01, 2009

We Were Wrong

Watching Glenn Beck as he outlines how our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit, inch by inch, every day in this country, it occurred to me that we Republicans were wrong on a number of things during the Bush administration.

We were wrong about The Patriot Act. We were wrong about warrantless wiretaps. You see, we believed at the time that these things were necessary to protect us in the war on terror. We trusted Bush on this.

We were WRONG.

We should never trust ANYONE in the government to restrict our freedoms in any way. Now that we have someone in office that we Republicans don't trust, we should see that.

Democrats now should see that any power that the Obama administration retains will be a power that will be retained if and when we have another Republican President. Not a pretty thought for you Democrats out there, is it? Imagine if a Republican President had 50 Czars that had no vetting and no confirmation. A lot of power with no accountability. You liberals would be pretty upset by that, wouldn't you? And you would have good reason to be.

It's time for people, of all political stripes, to demand that our government not grab more control over our lives. We have GOT to stop trusting our government just because our guys are in charge.

Isn't this ONE thing we can all agree on?