Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wake Up America

Many people see Glenn Beck as some "The sky is falling" loon, that just scares people to get ratings. But what if the person sounding the alarm wasn't a TV host? What if he was an expert and came from our own government? What if he was so alarmed that he quit his job so that the could educate Americans on what is happening right before their very eyes?

Meet Dr. Alan Carlin and David Walker

Dr. Alan Carlin, a federal Environmental Protection Agency official, wrote a report in March, 2009 that criticized the EPA’s process of formulating regulations, the report was squashed both internally and publicly. Emails from EPA officials state that “a very negative impact on our office” made use of the report impossible. To protect the bureaucracy, Dr. Carlin was told to cease his criticisms.

Such officials must often make a choice: to remain silent and keep their jobs, or to resign and speak the truth. Faced with this dilemma, on March 12, 2008, David Walker chose to resign.

David Walker is the former Comptroller General of the United States, and former head of the Government Accountability Office. As the nation’s chief accountant he was appointed by President Clinton. He resigned near the end of George W. Bush’s second term. He had no authority to decide how a single penny of government funds should be collected or distributed. His job was to count those funds.

Read about his report at the link when he plotted economic trends. This was his assertion:

When Walker plotted these trends, and considered demographics among many other factors, what he found was “chilling.” If fundamental reforms are not begun now, he concluded, the United States will experience a financial and political collapse comparable to the fall of Rome.

Not only are we not looking at fundamental reforms, we are expanding government and entitlements. We are rushing head long into the fire.

The bottom line is this: mandated fiscal entitlements, projected into the future, are over 52,000 billion dollars. That will equal 90% of all household wealth in the U.S., and will place a burden of over 450 thousand dollars on every household in the land. This is almost ten times the present median household income level.

This unsustainable.

I don't care who we blame it on. Blame it on Bush, blame it on Clinton, blame it on Obama, blame on Democrats, blame it on Republicans. I don't care. But for God's sake, wake up America! We have are in a canoe and we can hear the rushing waters of the waterfall up ahead. If we don't turn around....Will we even recognize what is left at the bottom of the waterfall?