Friday, September 04, 2009

Save Us From The "Czars."

Let's review.

Obama appoints some 50 "Czars" with no vetting or confirmation, and these people are in charge of billions of dollars of tax money.

The MSM reporters have no interest in even googling these people.

Glenn Beck decides that might be a good idea.

Beck and our own Gateway Pundit easily finds that the “Green jobs” czar Van Jones is a Truther. A truther, if you're not familiar, is someone who believes 9-11 was an inside job perpetrated by our own government.

Jones now says he never believed that, even though the spokesman says that the petition Jones signed was verified by personally speaking with each person that signed it. Wow. He must be taking lessons from Obama. Just pretend that your past statements don't reflect what you believe. The people will buy it. No worries!

Let's not stop there though. 9-11 trutherism is just a part of Jone's resume and he is not alone:

We have already established that the czars and officers are Leftwing extremists with wildly radical views that make even the likes of Nancy Pelosi look moderate. The FCC's new 'chief diversity officer' believes that the Communist revolution in Venezuela that brought Hugo Chavez to power is a good model for the United States. Another czar actually advocates for the concept that animals have the right to legal representation. And yet another is a self-avowed, self-described Communist who serves as the 'green energy czar.' His name is Van Jones.

The fact that Barack Obama has formulated an inner circle of the most extreme radicals in the country bodes ill for citizens who value liberty and the Constitution.

Let's not forget that this man is in charge of allocating billions of dollars of our tax money as well.

Maybe, just maybe, this will sound the alarm in the MSM and some brave true journalist will actually investigate these "Czars," with so much power and not accountability.