Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Voice of Democracy

There are more and more youtube videos coming out of Congressman going home to healthcare townhalls and being met with...umm...resistance. It's very gratifying to see. Tea Party Patriots has a a list so far of the townhalls coming up. Check it out to see if there is one near you and keep checking for updates.

I want to add something about the video I have posted below of Obama in '07 and '03 clearly stating that he would like to see a single payer system in healthcare, and how the private employer insurance would take a while, but would eventually be eliminated.

Update II: This is a must read by Thomas Sowell and says what I am trying to say here, but much more eloquently. "Ultimately, our choice is to give up Utopian quests or give up our freedom."

This morning on Fox News they played a video of the White House communications person in charge of addressing "dis-information," former ABC News Correspondent Linda Douglass. She she pointed to a link online that links the video I have below of Obama speaking on healthcare. She says that regarding pushing out private employer insurance and a single payer system, "nothing could be farther from the truth." She says people online cobble together video that mis-represents what was really said.

Ok, I can understand that. That happens all the time to people like Rush and Glenn Beck. So I'm watching this waiting for her to explain how that video "mis-represents" what Obama really said then. But guess what? That was it! That was her explanation. That it simply "wasn't true." She never explains why Obama said that, or how it was taken out of context.

Oh, I see. Just you saying it wasn't true, makes it so. I was at least thinking she would say that Obama believed that then, but not now. At least that would make sense. But she didn't even say that. Good grief.

It's wonderful that people are coming out to these townhalls. Everyone needs to do that. We are a LONG way from winning this fight. The Democrats have the power and the votes. They don't want a failure on this. They could easily dismiss the people's concern. Which made me realize how far we have come from the liberty this country was founded upon.

The difference between tyranny and democracy is simply this; the people's voice matters.

In tyranny, those in power don't care what the people think. They ignore our concerns. Our voice means nothing and changes little. Iran is a perfect example of this. Those people have faced death, and still they raise their voices. But they have no power and the voices ring out in a futile cry for freedom.

But here in this grand wonderful experiment called Democracy, our voices do count. Our votes do count. We vote the power out, if we wish.

And this is what bothers me the most about this healthcare debate. If it seems clear that the majority of people do not want this government run healthcare option, and Congress and the President ignore the people because they can, then what does that say about our democracy? Sure we can vote them out next time, but there is no going back on this. Once the government gets it's greedy claws into the fabric of our life, there is no tearing it away.

Will our voices be heard? We shall see.

Update: Watch this very informative and interesting video from ABC's 20/20 on healthcare.