Saturday, August 08, 2009

Congressman Copping Out

I got this from HotAir.(the embed may not be working. Click on the Hotair link to watch the video.) It perfectly illustrations a couple of the myths about what is going on in these debates. The first myth: People that are complaining don't live in the Congressman's district. I haven't seen any proof of that. So this Doctor, who DOES in live in the district, gets up to ask a question about healthcare. Afterwards the Congressman accuses "some" in the crowd of "hi-jacking" this forum because they don't live in the district and it wasn't a healthcare forum. But the Doctor asked the question when they gave the audience an opportunity to ask the Congressman anything on their minds. Only two were related to healthcare. 2nd myth: Congressmen are willing to meet with you and discuss this. This Congressman says that the people here didn't have "decency" to call his office to set up a meeting. But the Doctor says that he had called the Congressman many times and was told there would be no forums on healthcare. This forum was the only opportunity the Doctor had to ask his question. Myth three: All people at these forums are Republicans. This Doctor wasn't Republicans and I've seen many of the videos that are not.

I was asked in the comments if I thought that the people on both sides now that show up at these healthcare forums are the fringe elements of both our parties. I do not believe that at all. It's clear from the videos that these are mostly middle age and elderly people very upset about this healtcare bill. Not fringe in the least. I would bet this might be first time they have been at meetings like this. And unless the left considers union members fringe, I don't think the left had their fringe there either.

Now, This is A MUST LISTEN TO. Betsy McCaughey a patient advocate talks to Fred Thompson on radio. She has read the entire bill, and she talks about the parts of the bill that disturb her the most. It's brief. And it really is CRITICAL that you understand what is in the bill. She does a great job of telling us what is in there in language we can all understand. Please take the time to listen.