Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"The RightWing Memo"

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Many of you have sent me or commented with the the talking point from Think Progress and MSNBC showing the "right wing memo" directing people to go to these townhall meetings with their Congressmen and "shout" and "rattle him" and so on. The DNC even used the memo in it's recent ad saying it was by " high-level Republican political operatives.”

Just one problem. It's a complete lie.

The man who wrote the memo is Mr. Bob MacGuffie, who is a Connecticut libertarian who has never voted Democrat or Republican on a federal level. He not only doesn't work for any Republican organization, he isn't really a volunteer. He had one blog posting on a tea party website.

He has a facebook page called "Right Principles" with 23 members and a Twitter account with five followers.

Wow, that's some high level Republican operative there.

He originally e-mailed his "right wing memo to 8-10 Connecticut activists.

So this lone guy sends out this memo and a few people get angry at townhalls, and now it is the the talking point of the left to call us "mobs." We are "shouting" and not allowing intelligent debate. Even Democratic Congressmen are quoting the so called "right wing memo." It's sad how pathetic the left can be when you fight their agenda.

I can see Think Progress lying and distorting all this, because that is what they do over there, but how ridiculous is it that not only did MSNBC pick up on the story, but the DNC uses it in an ad! There is a point where at least some truth should matter.

Prepare yourself for more of this. The Democrats want this healthcare bill bad. Not for the American people, but so it can be an victory for Obama. They will stop at nothing to do this. The American people have had it though. We are done sitting by and watching this administration run this country into the ground. It will get ugly I'm sure. And in the end it may not even matter what the American people want.

And that is the saddest thing of all.

via The Weekly Standard

Naturally those who are against govt run healthcare don't appreciate being called "a mob" by Democrats. Yesterday on twitter the tag #iamthemob got going. I thought you might enjoy some of the tweets. Mine are the last two:

capecoddergal: mom of 1 volunteer my TIME 2 battered women's shelter,hubby who donates HIS talents in the Doctors w/o Borders Program. #iamthemob

particle54: I was School Board president, softball coach, basketball coach, athletic assoc treasurer #Iamthemob

LANewsFreak: #iamthemob I am a hard working woman. I am tired of Obama insulting me for not supporting a Health Care plan we cannot pay for.

pow127: My Dad's family came from Ireland while he was in utero so he could be born an American He enlisted in army at 16, WW2 #iamthemob

seansrich: I am 41 year old american software engineer who once was a liberal until I lived in Albertslund Denmark. #iamthemob

mkellner: Because I work for a living and provide jobs for 10 people #iamthemob

djmagenta: Because I will not sit quietly while our constitution is destroyed. #Iamthemob

GregWHoward: "I'm a veteran of the USMC, a Christian, a father, lover of freedom, and #iamthemob

alalazoo: Because I am aware of my government's actions, and because I will not blindly go along with those actions that weaken our nation, #iamthemob

annajjohnson: I don't call ANY part of our beloved country "fly-over" country. My family fought to defend ALL of it. #iamthemob

LANewsFreak: I go to work, come home, enjoy the weekends, shop at target, BBQ. I don't want Obamacare #iamthemob

RWSparkle: I'm a mom of 4, I volunteered for meals on wheels, Nuturing Network, nursing homes, pregnancy crisis center, and H&H services #iamthemob

RWSparkle: I have been PTA President, mom reader, substitute teacher, writer, and team mom. #iamthemob

Update II: Trying to keep up with the insults and absurdity from the Democrats. Did you catch the video where Sen. Boxer ("Don't call me M'AM") dismissing the legitimacy of the protesters because we dress too well? Too funny. She is such a snob. How do you Democrats stand her?

But that is nothing compared to the Democrat leader of the house, Nancy Pelosi saying the following:

Q: Do you think there's legitimate grassroots opposition going on here?

Pelosi: I think they're Astroturf ... you be the judge. They're carrying swastikas and other symbols like that into townhall meetings on health care.

You know they have reached the bottom of barrel when they bring out the Hitler analogies. Does Pelosi really think this tactic will work? Accusing American citizens, who dare to protest, of being Nazis?

Update III: Redstate has a great townhall calender! Click on the links in the calender and you can see where your Congressmen/women are having townhalls. Hope this isn't too "organized" for the Democrats!