Friday, June 05, 2009

"The Worst Person in the World" is actually The Best Person

I dream of one day being MSNBC's Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World!" Because it really means that you have managed to cut through the lies of the left and make a statement loud enough that they feel threatened that their lies are exposed. It also means you are pretty great person.

This week Olbermann names Jill Stanek "Worst Person in the World!" He accuses her of posting the addresses of the two remaining late term abortion clinics in the country and as usual, he was completely wrong. But don't think the abortionists haven't been getting some attention for their clinics. They have been treated as absolute heros by the media.

Check out the pics of their hellholes (published by the LA Times):

I have a feeling that their own million dollar homes look a wee bit better. When one profits off the agony of women, why spend the money on the actual clinic? Better to just re-decorate your own home.

Jill, a former nurse, has been a relentless advocate for unborn children exposing Obama for his votes against the "baby born alive act" and exposing how these babies were being left to die in dirty linen closets.

She is fighting the good fight against all odds. She is one of the "best people in the world."

via NewsBusters