Friday, June 05, 2009

Stuff on Sotomayor

This isn't that important, but I just found it astounding. At First Read they have some of Sotomayor's financial records:

The Senate Judiciary Committee posted the full Sotomayor Supreme Court questionnaire this afternoon. Here are the financial takeaways and what she listed as potential conflicts of interest:

Assets:-- Net Worth: $740,053--
Liabilities: $418,350--
Cash liquid: $31,985--
Total Real Estate: $1,017,500 (one house $997,500 and a $20,000 1/3rd shared interest in a condo.)--
Total value of cars: $108,918

Debts: -- Mortgage: $381,775--
Credit Card debt: $15,823--
Dentist bill: $15,000--
Accounts/Bills Due: $5,752

First of $108,918 for cars??? She doesn't have children, so I'm assuming that is for her and her husband. I don't know, seems excessive. Not that anyone shouldn't have whatever kind of car they can afford. I am just amazed at how much people will spend on cars when they can.

But the credit card debt!!! $15,823!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that strike anyone as crazy?? I've never had credit card debt. I always pay it off every month. I can't imagine having that much. It would drive me INSANE thinking about how much interest I was paying on it every month. Seriously. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

Maybe Americans are used to carrying around this much debt.