Monday, June 01, 2009

A Brief Life

Anderson Cooper's site has a look at a woman who had a late term abortion and why. As I read it I remembered a girl I helped many years ago. I repost this story from 2006. Read both women's story and decide for yourself who made the better choice.

Angelina was told at the county hospital that her baby had Anencephaly and would die within hours of birth and it was better to abort her now. Angelina's sister came to me for information. She knew I was pro-life and had materials with photographs of the unborn child. I gave them to her and told her to tell Angelina that even though her baby was destined to die whether she decided to abort or give birth, at least with giving birth she would always know she wasn't the one who decided the baby's fate. That a natural death was far different from a deliberate one at a Doctor's hands. What I didn't realize was what Rosa (the baby) would give her parents in those few hours of her life.

The doctors and nurse at the County hospital were angry at Angelina for choosing to give birth. Abortion was a much easier way to go. They treated Angelina as ignorant because she was poor and Hispanic. This would cost more money they insisted, but I assured Angelina that they could gripe all they wished, but it was her decision.

The day she gave birth and her beautiful daughter, Rosa, was born, the whole family had gathered. The staff handed the baby to Angelina without cleaning it. Her sister called me immediately and I asked to speak to the nurse. I told her that if she didn't get that baby properly cleaned and wrapped in a blanket, as they did all other babies, in about 15 seconds I was going to call the local news and anyone else I thought might be interested. I WAS TICKED. Trust me when I say, I don't get ticked often and it takes a lot to do so, but when I don't want to be on the other end of my rage.

The baby was cleaned and handed back to Angelina. She told me later that it was the most perfect looking baby she had ever seen. Anencephaly is easily covered with a cap and then the baby looks normal. Her eyes open and she gurgles just like any other baby. The whole family spent about 12 hours loving and holding her and then she died peacefully in her mother's arms. The mother told me that she would always be grateful for those 12 hours and it literally changed her life. She appreciates everything in her life now. She feels a great need to be a better person for Rosa.

Would have it been easier to abort Rosa?

Perhaps for the doctors and hospital. A hidden grisly procedure and then everyone goes home. But life sometimes gives us harder, but infinitely better choices.

Life matters. Life changes us. Even the very brief ones.

*I'm adding these personal stories with pictures to give you more of an idea of what this experience is like.