Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The New Bigotry

As noted in my previous post about John Edwards, he couldn't buy the media's attention. I mean he was just a Senator, a former vice presidential nominee, and then running for the Presidency. Why should the media be interested in a tawdry affair with a young woman paid off by his campaign while his wife endures inoperable cancer? Come on! That's not a story!

But what IS a story is a guy who asks a Presidential nominee about high taxes. That deserves the brutal investigation that he received (Joe the Plumber). Also, a young man who is the father of the child of the child of a former vice presidential nominee (Levi Johnson). Now he deserves the full "watergate" treatment by the press. Sure.

And now we have beauty pageant contestant who dares to say that she doesn't believe in gay marriage. Once again, destroying her is very important. So there are racy pics of a Miss. California and the press has found them! Imagine!!! Racy pics of a beauty pageant winner!! What? You think she's a hypocrite? I think she would be a hypocrite only if she had spoken out against racy pics.

Well, Christians are having NONE of this. Off with her head!

Or not:

Maggie Gallagher of National Organization for Marriage stands by her spokeswoman:

Because Carrie honestly said what she believed in answer to a question–marriage is the union of a man and a woman– she is now the subject of ongoing character assassination. The level of hatred directed at her is astonishing. Even more astonishing is her personal courage and strength of character in the midst of these attacks. Of course Carrie is not perfect. On a personal note, as a former unwed mother, I want to say to Americans: you don’t have to be a perfect person to have the right to stand up for marriage. Nothing gay marriage advocates can do can change the fact—we all saw it on national TV—that Carrie is a young woman who surrendered all the glitter Hollywood has to offer, because she would not become the kind of person afraid to say the truth.

Through Carrie, we are also learning, the lengths some people will go to hurt and harass those who speak up for marriage.

Ace puts this so perfectly:

This is Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber all over again. The media does not even need to be instructed to destroy the left's opponents; Obama's men hardly had to threaten Chrysler debthoders with such a tactic. They do it because they now consider it their jobs.

This should bother anyone with any ounce of decency, right or left.

The Obama Nation. Be afraid. Very afraid.