Monday, May 04, 2009

Goodbye John Edwards. Good Riddance

I was having lunch with a friend of mine during the primaries. A very compassionate Christian man, but not really into politics. I asked him who he was leaning toward for President. He replied, "John Edwards."

I almost spit out my iced tea. I knew this man was very pro-life. I asked him how he could possibly consider John Edwards, and he told me because of Edward's stance on the poor. He liked what he heard in that regard. I mentioned that John Edwards was a trial lawyer millionaire and a cheesy politician, and perhaps that would lead one to believe that he wasn't very sincere in his advocacy of the poor. My friend said he seemed like a good family man. I told him that looks can be deceiving.

When I saw this friend after the news of John Edward's affair broke (the baby daddy news had yet to break) He smiled at me and said, "I really know how to pick 'em, don't I?"

Never underestimate the ability of a charmer politician to make an entire nation believe he cares for one thing, when the only thing he really cares about is himself.

Now investigators are looking at how Edwards spent his campaign funds, particularly the more than $100,000 he paid to his baby Momma for "video production."

I have to shake my head at the whole ordeal. Not just because of the sleaze factor, but because if it hadn't been for the relentless pursuit of this story by a tabloid newspaper, we never would have known the real John Edwards. It's possible that he would be around to pick up the pieces of the Obama administration in the future, if it were the responsibility of the mainstream press to investigate this sort of thing.

It even took the tabloids to report last week that Edwards was under grand jury investigation for possible misuse of his presidential campaign funds. I suppose the major news organizations were too busy looking into the background of Sarah Palin's postman or something.

If he had been a Republican, he never would have gotten out of the baby momma's bed before being caught and we all know that. This sort of thing always leads one to wonder how much we don't know about our politicians that happen to have a "D" before their name. They practically have to run out into the street naked at noon to get the msm's attention.

But I digress. I can only imagine what home life is like for Edwards now. A woman scorned is a woman who will either run for President as well (like Hillary) or will write a book about what a scumbag you are. Elizabeth Edwards is doing the latter.

In her new book,"Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities, She writes this about when Edwards admitted the affair:

"I cried and screamed, I went to the bathroom and threw up."

I can so relate Elizabeth, I did the same thing when Obama won the Presidency.

Again, I am digressing. Elizabeth writes that baby Momma (Elizabeth never uses her name in the book, so why should I?) seduced Edwards by telling him, "You are so hot."

I'm trying to imagine how that conversation went. Elizabeth asks John how it happened, and this is what he says??? "She told me I was so hot." That is all it took to throw away the respect of his family, the presidency, possible indictment, and any political future? This isn't even good enough stuff for a "Lifetime Channel" afternoon movie.

It might seem that Elizabeth is the complete victim here, especially considering her cancer. But I don't see it that way. Edwards admitted the affair to Elizabeth just days after declaring his candidacy in 2006. She should have insisted he end his campaign then. But she didn't.

The perfect opportunity to avoid this mess was when Elizabeth had a relapse of cancer. Remember that? The Edwards came out to a sunlit yard to face the press. Everyone was assuming that he would quit his candidacy for her. It would have perhaps saved both of them from this total humiliation. Even the tabloids would have left him alone if he had quit because of his wife's illness. But no, the narcissism and ego of Edwards would never allow that.

I have to think that Elizabeth was complicit in this. She wanted the White House as much as he did.

Kind of makes one believe in Karma.