Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tea Party! Tea Party! Tea Party!

Apparently some on the left are convinced that the tea parties are being organized and sponsored by conservative think tanks and marketing firms. I can only personally speak for the fourth largest city in the nation, but I can tell you that Houston's tea party was started, run, and organized by a mother of two with an economic degree. At the organizing party we passed the hat (literally, it was someone's cowboy hat) to pay for the deposit and permit for our protests. As I mentioned in another post, we roundly denied prominent politicians from speaking. I was part of the "media group" and we paid for the press release ourselves.

This is about as grassroots as it gets.

USA Today got it right:

Jenny Beth Martin remembers the day she became a protester.

Her husband's business had gone under, and the two were cleaning houses in Atlanta to stay afloat. That was when they heard about a tirade against President Obama's mortgage bailout scheme by a financial news analyst calling for a modern-day Boston Tea Party revolt.

What started out as a handful of people blogging about their anger over federal spending — the bailouts, the $787 billion stimulus package and Obama's budget — has grown into scores of so-called tea parties across the country.

Jenny and her husband had lost their house in the recession and were living in a rental, but they were doing what Americans were supposed to do, work hard to get back on their feet. Not expect the government to take care of them.

On Wednesday, tax day, there will be protests in over 500 cities across this country. We are protesting reckless spending that will damage this country for genertations to come.

Congress voted for the $787 billion stimulus package without even reading it-- Packed $7 billion in earmarks to special interests into the '09 Omnibus Spending Bill-- passed a budget expected to "double the publicly held national debt, to over $15 trillion"

If you want to be a part of this nationwide protest go here to find the time and place at a city near you.

Here in Houston I'll see you at JONES PLAZA 601 Louisiana St. April 15 Wednesday 4 p.m. lasting indefinitely.

Update: I wanted to add this. If you really want a clear picture of what our nation faces, as opposed to what we were promised, read here.