Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The pathetic story of the Octo-Mom

I never posted on the Octo-Mom. I mean, why should I? Everyone seem to agree that she was reprehensible, immoral, and wrong to do what she did. We all said she should be banned, ignored and possibly have the children taken away.

She said she just wanted more children. She claimed she wanted to write a book about raising children. She clearly wanted some fame out of it.

Almost as disturbing as what she did, is the fact that our fascination (horror) of her and these poor babies has gotten her everything she wanted. Nannies, nurses, a house, and a reality show as icing on the cake.

At least this Angelina Jolie shaped faced woman won't be depending on the American taxpayer for a living anymore (or will that continue as well?)

What have we learned here?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.