Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's all spin folks...

Obama goes on TV to tell us how outraged he is over the AIG bonuses. He gives us ear candy (a phrase I got on twitter, and will continue to use because it just so perfectly describes Obama and his rhetoric) and he tells us what we want to hear. He tells us they will fight to keep the AIG guys from getting their bonuses. But the truth is, his administration knew about them all along. This is from the lefty Talking Points Memo:

I was reading this very dispiriting article in the Times about how folks in the administration have known about the AIG bonuses for months, how the folks at AIG are now saying they'd never have done any of it without the go-ahead from the Treasury and -- best of all -- how the plan to get AIG to pay the bonus money back appears to involve giving AIG still more taxpayer money which they can then hand back to us as 'repayment', while the new bonused execs (bonees?) get to keep the money anyway.