Thursday, February 05, 2009


Whenever I got a chance to have any input with the people who were running the McCain campaign (blogger calls and e-mails, that kind of thing) I would tell them to not let Democrats own the health care issue.

The LAST thing I want is the government controlling our health care. It would be a disaster. But the system is broken. Republicans need to step in and do something about the ridiculous costs.

This is the problem. Those of us who have decent healthcare coverage just pay our co-pay or our 20% and that doesn't seem so bad so we pay no attention to what the care actually cost.

Case in point. My son recently had surgery to repair his eardrum. Here are the costs:

Pharmacy $858.63

I'd like to know what that is for. As far as I know he got a dose of Demerol after the operation and tube of anti biotic cream.

Medical/Surgical Supplies and Devices $792.02

Who knows what all that includes.

Operating Room Services $5,127.00

Keep in mind, this doesn't include the Doctor's fee. And don't get me started on that. Doctors should be paid well, but a relative of mine was making enough within 4 yrs of being a doctor to afford an estate, a plane, and 4 expensive cars. Should one become a doctor to get filthy rich? Or to take care of people and make a nice living?

Anesthesia $1,887.00

I don't believe this includes the Doctor's fee either.

Recovery Room $1,250.00

The Recovery room was a very large room that had about 6 or 7 other children recovering as well. He was there about 1 hour just to make sure he was awake enough to go home (it was a day surgery, thank God). Add up 6 or 7 kids every hour or so during a 10-12 hour period. Yeah.

Almost $10,000 so far for a day surgery that lasted about an hour and half. What I know from experience is that this is just my first bill. I'll get the Doctor's and some unknown bills for weeks.

Now, with my insurance I pay just $649.23 for this particular bill. For most people that seems reasonable and they don't question it and just pay it. So this kind of over the top charging continues.

People tell me that these charges help cover those kids who don't have insurance, so the hospital can recoup the cost. If that is true, then why do we have SCHIP?

I don't have the answers. Universal healthcare IS NOT the answer. I read almost daily about the disasters of the United Kingdom and Canada healthcare system. But this is out of control.