Thursday, January 15, 2009

These kind of Catholics

If you have ever wondered what kind of Catholics ignore Church teaching and vote and support Democrats such as John Kerry, and Clinton, this should give you an idea:

DUBLIN, Ohio—Columbus police have charged a former member of Governor Ted Strickland’s staff with seven felonies, involving a prostitution ring. Eric McFadden, who until October of 2007 was head of Strickland’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, was arrested Wednesday morning in Dublin.Police said they believe McFadden was “Toby,“ the man they have been looking for during the past two months after busting up a prostitution ring that was operated on Craig’s List.

Eric McFadden ran Catholic organizing for Kerry and Clinton.

Always beware of those willing to get into bed with the wolves on the premise of "outreach" or "big tent" or "understanding." Usually when your in bed with someone, it's because you want to be. Because you are just like them.