Thursday, January 15, 2009

Confirmation Hearings!

The reason I probably won't be blogging much on the confirmation hearings is because I think it's useless to do so.

Back in the day, confirmation hearings were just protocol to ensure nothing of a significant nature was overlooked. Back in the 80's the Democrats decided it would be a good idea to personally smear the person being confirmed. They excoriated Robert Bork, does anyone remember that? It was shocking at the time, but now it's commonplace.

And who can forget what they put Clarence Thomas through? Those confirmation hearings alone probably kept a generation of good people from ever seeking public service. Democrats had no shame.

Republicans saw how well the slander worked for the Democrats and aren't innocent of it themselves (although they are not nearly as good at it). So the whole process leaves me cold.

A President's pick should be put through barring anything illegal. What does it matter? Is the second pick going to be any less liberal? Any less wrong on policy? Of course not.

I find the whole thing a waste of time and disturbing. Nit pick a person to death. It's ridiculous. No wonder we can't get any good people in public service.