Wednesday, January 14, 2009


....A true close up look at the Obama family.The STAR has the scoop:

Barack is concerned that Michelle spends too much dolling the girls up in fancy dresses. "He doesn't want them to look like little princesses," a source says. He wanted them to go to public school, but Michelle picked Sidwell. Oh, and she came back to their hotel with "loads" of new purchases, and "Barack hit the roof." (Yes, apparently No Drama Obama hits roofs!) A source swears: "He was stunned at how much she had spent. He told her she was letting the notion of being First Lady go to her head, and that she was going to have to take back many of the items." There was a lot of shouting, and then the silent treatment. But! "If there's a silver lining to their heated spats, it's the makeup sex."

Excuse me while I bleach my brain clean of the visual on that last sentence. Tabloids lie, we all know. If you believe Obama wanted to send the girls to public school, let me show you where a spaceship landed in my back yard. There's a circle there, I promise!

I guess this is what you get when your a "celebrity."