Monday, November 03, 2008

Some Good News

I just got this from "Our Country Deserves Better:"

"Fantastic News! The brand new Fox News/Rasmussen battleground poll shows Sen. John McCain has surged ahead to tie or lead in key battleground states where Sen. Obama had held a lead just a few days ago.

The undecided voters are breaking for McCain and the McCain/Palin campaign clearly has the momentum to win this race!!
McCain now leads Florida (50%-49%) and North Carolina (50%-49%) is tied with Obama in Missouri (49%-49%( and Ohio (49%-49%). And in two other states McCain is within the statistical margin of error to be tied with Obama: Colorado (51%-47%) and Virginia (51%-47%).

We have a little more than 5 hours left to place one final TV advertising buy to defeat Obama. Let's give this campaign everything we have and win this election. This is our final appeal for contributions to put into our TV ad campaign before voters go to the polls. You can contribute anywhere from $5 to $5,000 online - HERE."