Monday, November 03, 2008

Reason 157 I love Texas

I have been reading about arguments in early voting lines and yard signs stolen everywhere and I have to think that maybe I love Texas because people are so friendly.

When I was standing in line voting we all chatted with each other. No one mentioned who they were voting for. It would have been rude I think.

I have a neighbor and a friend who is a BIG Obama supporter. We joke about it with each other, but we don't really talk about it other than that.

I also have neighbors on either side that I am pretty sure are Obama supporters (although I can't say for sure).

Because of this I decided not to put a McCain/Palin sign in my front yard. I wanted to. But I knew that if I had to drive into my driveway everyday and see an Obama sign in their yard, that it would irritate me. I figured they would feel the same way if I had a McCain/Palin sign. So I didn't.

Maybe that's why they didn't put an Obama sign out front?

I'd like to think so. Neighbors and friends thinking of each other's feelings.

That is what I like about Texas.