Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palin Power Lives On!

I thought in my post "The Tar and Feathering of Sarah Palin," that that would be the end of it, but no. The bashing continues with "anonymous sources" now within the McCain campaign. If those scumbags think they can convince us that Sarah is the reason McCain lost, instead of how badly they handled the campaign, they are fooling themselves. We will never buy that. She had the star power. She was the one conservatives were excited about. McCain we all respected and knew was a great leader, but Palin was the one who we all agreed with on all the issues important to all of us. And more importantly, she was never afraid to stand up for those issues.

As with the other smears, these weren't true either. She knows which countries are a part of the North American Free Trade Agreement. She never answered the door wrapped in nothing but a towel. She knows Africa is a continent.

But that won't keep the left from repeating the lies over and over just as they did with the previous lies. They find Sarah such a threat that they feel a vicious need to smear her personally. It's disturbing.
Even now they still go on and on about her clothes. As if that is important. Never thinking to ask how much Obama's or his wife's clothes were. The entire thing is absurd. But the left thrives on the absurd. They vote for the absurd, so why I should I expect them to be any different here?
The joke is that Biden was the one who was completely wrong on the role of the Vice Presidency in the debate (let's hope someone tutors him on it soon). Biden was the one who thought that Roosevelt went on TV in 1929 to talk about the market crash. Biden was the one who thought JOBS was a three letter word. Biden was the one who bragged and implied that his helicopter had been forced down by al-Qaida in Afghanistan, when it was actually a snowstorm that forced it down. Blow hard doesn't even begin to describe him. The media went nuts over Sarah's clothes, but not a word about Biden's hairplugs, bleached teeth, and self tan.

Biden was the embarassing one, but it was Sarah they went after. If they couldn't smear her with the truth, they would do it with lies. They think they can throw water on her star power by creating a false image. It isn't going to work.

I kept wanting to post on the various interviews Sarah has given since the election. But all I could think of to say was, "OMG, I love this woman." Did you see the one at her home? Just a down to earth regular home. She was serving chili, which you know she has stood there and made and served so many times over the years. I would LOVE to see Nancy Pelosi in her kitchen. I'm betting it's as big as Sarah's entire house and that Nancy has never set foot in it, except to ask the help to bring more coffee for the guests. The same can be said of Hillary.

Sarah is the real deal. She isn't a polished politician groomed from the ground up like Obama. She isn't a rich plastic elitist like Pelosi. She isn't a power hungry politician willing to sell her soul in ambition like Hillary.

She energized this party. She brought out the massive crowds, got us excited to be Republicans again, and got SNL their biggest ratings in 14 years. News stations were scrambling to get interviews with Sarah, not McCain or even Biden for that matter, after all this was over. Has that ever happened before with a VP pick? No. If I were a Democrat, I'd be scared of her too.

The most amazing thing about her was never really talked about in the media much at all during the election. How she fought corruption in her own party. She quit in protest a great position on the Alaska Gas and Oil Regulatory Commission because a fellow Commission member and Chair of the Alaska Republican Party misused his office and position. Within weeks, the corrupt guy was gone. She went on to beat Governor Murkowski, from a deep seated good ole boy political family. She then went after corrupt legislators, and with the FBI's help, put four of them in prison and indicted six more.

Did you know any of this? Of course not. Reporting on her clothes was just so much more important, right?

She is fearless, focused, and a woman of the people.
I feel so strongly about her that if her staff called me tonight and asked me to work for her for this next year without pay, I would do it. I would fly across this country to make sure our nation understood what a gift Palin is to us. She is us.

It's time for us to get back to who we really are. Keeping our military strong. Fighting government bureaucracy. Fighting the spending. Getting government out of our lives. Fighting for family values. Believing that America is that shining city on a hill and making sure Americans don't forget that, as they listen to the Democrats who see little in America to be proud of.

Sarah Palin is the face of our party as we face this new administration that sees government as the answer to our problems, who doesn't value the sanctity of human life, who thinks raising taxes will make things better, who refuses to understand the war on terror.

Let the left froth and snarl about our Sarah. Let the media continue to distort and lie about her. Would we expect anything different from them?

Sarah has proven herself to be up for the fight. She is our fighter. Thank God. It's about time we had one.