Monday, November 10, 2008


I've been trying to figure out what to say about the ongoing and untrue bashing of Palin. It seems every time a smear comes out about her, it's quickly debunked, but that doesn't keep them from continuing.

I'm trying to think if any of the smears were true? None that I can think of, including the most recent ones from McCain's own camp.

I was also trying to figure out what to say about the articles coming out now showing a clear over the top bias in news reporting for Obama vs McCain.

But in the end, what does whining do? The media and liberals and others will continue to bash Palin because her popularity among conservatives and refreshing personality pose a threat to them. That is never going to change. And neither is the bias coverage against conservatives and conservative candidates. We can't change any of that and it doesn't help to complain about it.

We, as conservatives, just have to work harder to get out message to the people. If you can't beat the system, work around it.

It's time for conservatives to find their voice again. Maybe when all the college students finish their mandated 100 community service hours for the government, they will be ready to listen to our message of less government control in our lives.

During Bush's years we were all angry and frustrated with the spending, but it was difficult to say that our party would stop spending when Bush was in our party. That won't be a problem now. Now we can make our case against spending and waste as the opposition party.

Looking for a silver lining here, we can re-group and put our party back on track with less government involvement in our lives, less taxes, less spending, and more accountability.