Sunday, November 30, 2008

A New Blacklist

We are all familiar with the Hollywood blacklist of the 1950's. Wikipedia defines it like this:

The Hollywood blacklist—more precisely the entertainment industry blacklist, into which it expanded—was the mid-twentieth-century list of screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians, and other U.S. entertainment professionals who were denied employment in the field because of their political beliefs or associations, real or suspected. Artists were barred from work on the basis of their alleged membership in or sympathy toward the American Communist Party, involvement in liberal or humanitarian political causes that enforcers of the blacklist associated with communism, and/or refusal to assist federal investigations into Communist Party activities.

Liberals especially have always talked about the blacklist in disgust. Examining people's beliefs and barring them from work or an ability to make money because of those beliefs was just wrong, right?

Well, not anymore.

The blacklist is back and this time the liberals are using it for their own benefit. They don't even see the irony and sadness in using the term "blacklist." They use it proudly. The LA Times has a search engine so you can find out who gave money to support the passage of Prop 8 in California.

It's so much like the thought police that it's scary. The first link is a Texas Blog that lists Texas donors who gave to support the passage of Prop 8. He wishes for you to boycott them. I say this can go both ways. I'm listing several so that you and I will SUPPORT their businesses. Whether we agree with them or not, they have a right to give money to causes they believe in or support legislation and votes as they see fit. Their businesses should not suffer because of their personal beliefs. So during this Holiday season consider taking your business to the following:

Alan Stock of Plano, CEO of Cinemark Theaters. Go to these theatres this season.

Aaron Graham, builder Highland Homes. Let him build your next home.

Alex Dahl of Flower Mound. Need document imaging? Use PrimeOCR.

Brent Romney of Dallas. If you need a Chiropracter, he's your man.

Carroll McDaniel of Fort Worth with Carlson Engineering.

Chad Packard of Plano, CEO of Apple Orthodontix. Get your braces from him.

Charles Schwab of Roanoke, VP of HR for Textron.

Collins Jones of Richardson, the GM for Sunburst Shutters of Texas.

Curtis Harshaw of Grand Prairie, asset management company and RV Park owner.

David Fluckiger of Allen, Physicist for Raytheon.

Don Lester of Allen, The Director of HR for Frito Lay.

Gary Baughman of Southlake, CEO of Petmate Corp.

Gary Riding of Highland Village, CEO of Voluntas Capital.

Gordon Wright of Allen,

Gregory McMurdie of Garland, Shea & McMurdie Financial.

J. Alden Porter of Irving. KDW Inc owner. Does Drywall among other things.

James Foulger of Plano, Foulger-Pratt Company deals in real estate.

Jeff Morgan od Arlington, a Doctor at Omega OB/GYN.

Jonathan Cannon of Flower Mound, Senior VP of Fedex Office/Kinkos.

Meredith Packard of McKinney, runs Packard Family Orthodontics.

Michael Fisher of Allen, Sales director for Pitney Bowes.

Michael Murdock of Highland Village, for Radiologix Inc.

Mike Wilding of Murphy, VP Accounting for Rentacenter.

Milton Thomas of Allen, A rehab doctor at Baylor.

Phil Blackstone of Plano. Signature Garment Care.

Richard Bowman of Plano, Thoracic surgeon.

Richard Pickering of Arlington, Radiologist.

Rob Larimer of Allen, VP at Countrywide.

Robert Kimball of Dallas, Vinson & Elkins law firm.

Eddie Deen, catering.

Wayne Coon of Richardson, CEO of Town Center Bank.

William Benac of Dallas, Senior Operations for Cerberus Capital.

If you don't live in Texas you can use the LA Time search engine to find those in your area and support them and free thought.