Sunday, September 14, 2008

Notes from the wilderness

Well, it feels like the wilderness anyway to a spoiled chick such as myself.

I am connected to the internet by way of a battery pack. But I did want everyone to know that we are just fine, but with no power. But it's been kind of cool because we had a big block party last night and all the neighbors shared food and drink. The kids played with their boogie boards on all the water.

School is cancelled here through Wednesday. I've been listening to the radio and it just sounds awful in Galveston and surrounding areas. Let's keep them in our prayers. I heard that north of where I live in Conroe and Montgomery county that their energy company had a catastrophic event and they will not have power for 2 to 4 weeks! Luckily it isn't our power company.

The kids have been doing things that we did as kids when we only had 3 channels on TV. Playing board games and staying outside. I am more convinced than ever that cable TV is the root of all evil.....;-) I say that even as I go through withdrawals from not watching Fox News.

Friday night was something. I have never seen wind like that in my life. A tree in our back yard broke and fell on our trampoline. We have so many large trees I was worried all night that one would fall on our house. But we lucked out. No glass breakage either.

Since I can't watch Tv, I would appreciate you guys telling me what you have seen. I've talked to my Mom and she told me a little. It really sounds bad. But from what I've heard there hasn't been loss of life. Have you guys heard of any?

I'll try to get on later.