Monday, September 15, 2008

Day Three

We are still without power (and yes we have a generator) but we are having to use it to keep the refrigerators cold and the air conditioning unit we bought for the bedroom. We have a limited amount of gas and I haven't wanted to go wait in line in the few places that have gas around here.

There are a lot of silver linings. Both nights we have bonded with our neighbors and grilled out front while the kids played. The only time it felt "Red Dawnish" was listening to the radio where people called in with information on which grocery stores were open and which gas stations had gas and who was selling generators, ice, and water. I haven't had to do hunt for those things, thank goodness, since I'm a planner and had everything early.

Another silver lining was I got TONS done that I've been meaning to do forever. I got all the closets cleaned out in the house (six!) All women reading this knows what a wonderful feeling that is!

Also, a cool front came through and it feels great outside. Beautiful blue Sky's. It's suppose to get down to 59 tonight so mother nature is giving us a bit of an apology I think.

We got the tree off our trampoline and cut up and out front for the city to take away. Neighbors really helped each other and that was nice to see.

I am getting some cabin fever. We rode around just a bit yesterday and all the red lights are out so it's all four way stops at intersections, so it's hardly worth driving around.

I hope and pray that the electricity comes on today. I know Galveston needs some help. People who can help in Houston should be doing what we can. I know the Salvation Army is asking for donations (money only) so if you can, help out there.

I loved reading all of your comments. They all made me smile. It's like a sweet little cyber community of my very own. So many of you offering help and even offering to come evacuate to Dallas or Louisiana. So sweet.

I hope I can get back to blogging regularly soon. I did see the SNL sketch with Palin and Hillary. It was hilarious. Google it if you haven't seen it.

Thanks for everyone's concern! I really appreciate it.