Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain Marches On

Here is an interesting look at Virginia by a Republican resident there.

The purpling of Virginia is something to behold and has turned it into a vital swing state in the election. On Wednesday, September 10th, the McCain campaign made its way to Fairfax, Virginia to rally their troops and take advantage of the momentum built from VP pick Sarah Palin.

Here's the delicious part:

23,000 people showed up to the event which was originally scheduled to take place at Fairfax High School. The liberal school board called an emergency meeting to stop the rally which turned out to be a boon considering the school property holds 6,500 people max. An adjacent park was adequate space to make a quick showing for the Presidential aspirant and his running mate.

I love it when liberals try to squash free speech and it backfires on them, don't you? Check out the video (Fred Thompson spoke!) and pics!

via NRO