Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Think I Get It Now

Everyone will have their opinion of how Sarah Palin did with Charlie Gibson on ABC. I thought she did a great job, but the left will dissect it, of course. So let me just move beyond that and share with you what occurred to me while watching the interview.

This is part of the interview and the portion where Gibson tries a "gotcha" question about the "Bush Doctrine."

I want you to just observe Gibson's demeanor and attitude. Then I want you to compare that with his demeanor and attitude in an interview with Obama.

Gibson's bias against Palin is so overt and so over the top that ABC should be embarrassed.

With Obama he is smiling and friendly. Jovial even.

While watching the Palin interview it occurred to me what it really means when someone speaks about the "media elite."

Gibson sees people like Palin (and people like me), all conservatives really, as beneath him. That much is clear in the interview. He is condescending and aloof in his questions with her, as if he can't really be bothered. He asked her questions the way my college professors used to ask his class questions, with a bit of disdain at what he knows will be an immature answer.

People like Gibson see themselves as so intelligent and so aware of how truly superior the liberal view is, that they can barely disguise their disgust for those who believe differently. Gibson sees someone like myself, who graduated from a state university in the south or southwest, as one of the "common people." He would never admit that of course, but he simply oozes, if I may use his word, hubris.

To Gibson, Palin is simply one of those gun toting, bitter faith filled peasants that cling to those things in order to make sense of life. Is it no wonder that he relates to Obama? Is it no wonder that he questions Obama with the familiarity of a close friend? Their world view is the same. He sees Palin's worldview as ignorant and beneath him.

Palin held her own and Gibson never laid a glove on her, but he revealed himself as the personification of what we cannot stand about the mainstream media. The arrogance and the bias are clear. It is also why newspapers are dying and cable news is flourishing and the new media will eventually be the way all Americans get their news and opinions.

Many Americans may very well cling to their faith and their guns, but not because of their "frustrations," but because we understand that our country was founded on such principles as the 2nd amendment and freedom of religion. We get that. We don't see ourselves as better than others. We see ourselves as in this together. And we don't need a leader who thinks that we are stupid and out of touch. We don't a leader who fits in so easily with those in the media who share a disdain for so many in America who don't share their liberal beliefs.

We don't need Obama and we don't need Charles Gibson. Let us not be fooled by "just words."

As Palin says in her stump speech, there is really only one man in this race who has ever fought for you. That man is John McCain. And you can say or disagree with many things about McCain, but he has never shown the disdain for the American people who believe differently than he does, the way that Obama and the media elite do almost every day.

Obama will not fight for you, he will only fight for his belief in the way he wants the world to be, with people like Gibson, hollywood and himself allowing us to learn from them.