Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Bad Hurricane

This is Galveston and the Hurricane hasn't even hit yet! Forecast says Ike will hit the coast with 115 mph force. Galveston neighborhoods are already flooded.

This is going to be bad folks, real bad. My heart goes out to all those who live on the coast. I saw on the news this afternoon these beautiful beach homes already halfway under water. They will be history. I'm wondering if Galveston will be history.

I just drove around here (and I live north of Houston) to run a few errands and it's really eerie. There are just a few clouds and the wind isn't even bad, but all businesses and restaurants are closed, even the grocery stores. This is the first time I have seen homes and businesses boarded up since I moved here 8 yrs ago. It was almost ghost like.

Everyone just seems to have a sense of dread about them. We are just waiting for the fury of nature to descend.

Last I heard the weather will start around midnight. We are far enough north that we will not be affected by the worst of it (I hope), but I'm a bit nervous about tornado's. But I am prepared.

There won't be any sleep tonight for all us in Houston.

Keep us in your prayers.