Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"The War Is Over"

And we have won. At least according to one of the most respected journalist covering this war, Michael Yon:

We have won the war in Iraq. By "we" I mean the Coalition and the Iraqis. Unless there is some unexpected reversal, what lays ahead is the challenge of building a better Iraq. There is still violence. We have lost four soldiers to combat this month, but there were times when we lost that many on an average day. There still are attacks, though we have finally reached the point where all that's left are truly "dead-enders." Al Qaeda is still a problem, but their numbers are decreasing in Iraq. The Iraqi people are sick of the violence. The Iraqi Army is filled with courageous soldiers who can fight. It is possible that by the end of the year we can really say, "Mission Accomplished," except for the continued support that Iraq will need.

Personally, my optimism has never been higher for Iraq.

Michael Yon has always been honest, even when it was something we didn't want to hear, like when civil war broke out in Iraq. He gives an honest assessment of Afghanistan that we might not want to hear as well. But I trust him (unlike the mainstream media).

More here.

My heart is truly filled with hope that we have done what needed to be done in Iraq.

No defeat. No surrender. Not this war. Not this time.