Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A partner at Covington & Burling who represents 15 Guantanamo detainees took off his pants at a news conference in Yemen on Monday to illustrate the humiliating strip searches that his clients have to endure several times a day, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports.

Well, looking at that picture is torture, so are we even here?

Here is what Mr. Underwear had to say:

So at the news conference, I said that, in addition to this torment, which has become so typical that we don’t even talk about it anymore, now the torment also consists of constant body searches in which the men are required to pull their shirts up to their chest, drop their pants, and then the corn-fed U.S. military sticks their thumbs under the prisoner’s underwear band and circles the prisoner’s torsos.”

Just a couple of thoughts.

Corn-fed? What kind of insult is that suppose to be?

I'm thinking the soldiers who take their thumbs and circle the prisoner's torsos aren't so fond of that procedure either.

In other words, a day in the war on terror ain't fun for anyone involved.

Look, I think of myself as a compassionate person. I don't believe in or condone torture, but I just find it hard to take seriously people like this lawyer.

I have lawyers in my family so I hear the whole "everyone deserves representation" speech ad nauseum. But I always wonder when I read stories like this if lawyers like this one couldn't find some abused child in the U.S to represent. Maybe a victim of domestic abuse? I guess my point is isn't there enough people being victimized here the U.S. to represent that might be a bit more...I don't know....innocent?